(N.) A hebrew word used for musical direction to mean pause and reflect; to praise and uplift.







There is only one explanation for our story and how we met and it's God. He is the glue to our story and the only reason it makes sense.


For years we had all prayed to make friends like one another: ones that encourage, build up, and are passionate about God and living for Him.


During the summer of 2015, both Bitti and I (Desiree) moved to NYC because we signed with the same modeling agency. We didn’t know each other at all, or anyone in NYC. We both prayed for a Christian friend that understood the industry, and who could keep us level headed during that summer. It was during my first casting in New York that I met Bitti. I walked into the casting room nervously, looking around at the other models who made no initiative to talk or be friendly.  When I met Bitti we clicked right away, and I was overwhelmed with relief to see how genuine and real she was. Long story short- we became best friends that summer and helped point each other to Christ and reminded each other of the most important thing in life, in an environment that was telling us otherwise. Bitti encouraged me to make a huge life decision that led me to…


A discipleship program in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate NY. A complete change of environment after modeling in NYC all summer. It was in this program that I met Sierra. We connected at a deep level right away. Sierra is one of the wisest people I know with such a deep understanding of the Word and God. She taught me so much about God’s love and really helped me through some big moments in my faith.


Now, stay with me here. 


Sierra’s best friend is Sara. I had heard a lot about Sara and felt like I knew her without ever meeting her. Sierra would tell me stories of how wise and in tune with the Spirit Sara was, and her heart for the nations.


Now, this is when the story gets crazy.


In 2016 Sara decided to do the World Race, traveling 11 countries in 11 months.

During the same summer Bitti decided to go to Botswana to work at a medical center.One night Bitti Face-timed me and told me about how she met all these Americans....and that she met this amazing girl who she had a deep connection with and who encouraged her so much, but didn’t think she would ever see her again.


can you see where this is going…


Bitti and Sara had randomly met each other in Africa!


Ok people, how crazy and amazing is our God? Am I right?! I don’t believe in coincidences.


As I’ve been friends with these amazing girls over the years, we have always talked about starting a blog to encourage other young girls to pursue their relationship with Christ. Our long distance phone calls would last for hours as we would share the burdens on our hearts and the revelations that God would give us. Each phone call would leave me with so much love, fire, and excitement for Christ. We want to share our discussions and hearts with you all to continue to spread that fire and passion.


We hope that you are encouraged through this blog and leave each post as excited and on fire as we do after each conversation with one another!

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